Want to know more and/or support the BLM movement?


Live in New Haven and want to do more in your city? Contact the Citywide Youth Coalition or Newhallville Community Matters.

Are you an educator looking for culturally relevant strategies to use in your classroom? Check out Cult of Pedagogy

Looking for inspiring, informative podcasts on bringing about change in the classroom? Take a listen to Sheldon Eakins' Leading Equity series.

Black Lives Matter 

As a Believer, a mother, an educator, a wife, a daughter, a woman, I stand with the Black and Brown men, women and children struggling against inequity and injustice. I am an Ally. I see you. I hear you. I stand with you. 

Let's Take It Outside was founded out of frustration with the limited opportunities for children of color in underserved neighborhoods in New Haven to engage in outside, child-directed play. I am extending that intention to support Black Lives Matter and the people it strives to heal, free, and uplift.

I believe we can do better. We must do better. Together. 

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